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EMTACL12 coming up in October! Emerging Technologies in Academic Libraries

There still is time enough to decide to visit the 2nd Conference on "emerging technologies in academic libraries", but why wait if you can book today!
Booking Flights & hotel rooms might become more difficult from now on....
Check the programm (Google doc at to discover there is a really remarkable Keynote List:

Herbert Van De Sompel: "Paint-Yourself-In-The-Corner Infrastructure"
Karen Coyle: “Think Different”
Richard Wallis: “OCLC Worldshare and Linked Data”.
Brian Kelly: What Next for Libraries? Making Sense of the Future 
Rudolf Mumenthaler: Innovation Management in and for Libraries 
Eirik Newth: Forecast for the academic library of 2025: Cloudy with a chance of user participation and content lock-in 
Rurik Thomas Greenall: “Defining/Defying reality: the struggle towards relevance in bibliographic data”
Jens Vigen: “Connecting people and information: how open access supports research in High Energy Physics. Since 50 years!”

This is a really special list of keynotes, but we have even more promising presentations. Check the accepted abstracts:

Register here 
(and make sure that you too can visit the unique Rockheim, the national experience center for pop and rock, in Trondheim ;-)

         emtacl12 - emerging technologies in academic libraries

International conference on emerging technologies in academic libraries 2012

                1-3 October 2012, Trondheim, Norway
Emerging technologies and evolving user behaviour keeps changing the rules of the game for academic libraries. Emerging technologies include new ways of using existing technologies and totally new, disruptive technologies. Examples include:
- Semantic web / linked open data
- Social media
- Augmented reality
- Mobile technologies
- Visualisation
- etc

emtacl12  is an international conference for academic librarians, information professionals, academic staff, students, library system developers and suppliers, among others. The aim is to provide answers to the following questions: What can academic libraries do to address change? How can we adapt? Which technologies can/should/must we use/create? The conference is hosted by NTNU University Library, the Library of the Norwegian university of science and technology in Trondheim, Norway.
The programme committee invites original presentations and posters taking one or more of the following perspectives as a point of departure:
- Linked open data and other semantic web applications in the library
- New literacies
- Supporting research
- Organizational change within the library
- Analysis of user behaviour and use of statistics
- New services/old services in new clothes
- Other relevant perspectives on emerging technologies

Conference dates: 1-3 October 2012
For additional information, please visit the conference website: or email us at

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