Monday, November 26, 2012

NVMO 2012 : the Dutch Medical Education Association Annual Meeting

The Dutch Medical Education Association had it's yearly event and it was my first time there!
I was there partly to present our experiences with the "iPads on Loan" -project of the CMB, UMCG in a joint-session with an Anatomy teacher (Peter Room) & medical student Rens Teeuwen.
(watch our three slide-sets)

Observation: there was hardly any knowledge about the excistence of or among the people I spoke to at the conference (mostly medical educators/teachers). I did not even start about the medicine focussed, which is unluckily infested with adverts.
(It is not to be confused with Slideworld.COM, which pretends to be thé Search Engine for presentations.)

Here is my contribution (in Dutch):

I attended two interesting sessions worth mentioning:

  • "Augmented reality" in het medisch onderwijs. After a short clear intro into about what AR actually is and how it is used at the moment, we engaged in a couple of debates around key-issues. I hope to get my hands on the slides soon! Some pictures about their session are in this Flickr-set. They used the JUNAIO App to view a prepared AR-example on A4.

  • Werkgroep E-Learning about technology & blended learning with a nice historical overview and discussion on 4 scenario's mixed out of 4 elements: Local, Global, Individual & group learning.
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