Tuesday, January 22, 2013

RSS Feed Translation "Google Script"

I am working on the Twitter account of @ResearchUMCG and was asked to include the UMCG Press Releases. Unfortunately these Press Releases are only in Dutch for now. And the intension is to tweet in English ....
I found a very useful blog called Digital Inspiration explaining how to execute this translation automatically via Google Script.
Strangely enough I was not abled to see the script in Google Script at all in my preferred Chrome Browser (who's product is that again?)
Instructions were very clear and setting up the translation script was done in minutes. I used Twitter feed to deliver it to the Twitter account. I like Twitterfeed for the prefic etc. It takes a long time to load screens though .... Next time I will try DLVR.IT (anyone any experience?)
We feed the atUMCG publications also directly into this Twitter-account.

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