Monday, March 18, 2013

Reponses on Test Comparison Medical Journal Apps

End of last week (March 15th 2013) was the official kick-off of our test and trial period for 4 different Journal Apps. See our LibGuides page on E-Journals.

I will try and post all relevant comments and responses to the test trial and the apps below in this post.

In the end I want to create a kind of comparion chart/map/table and list a number of criteria. here are some criteria I am thinking off. If you have suggestions for additional criteria, please do not hesitate to contact me!
  • Registration process
  • User interface
  • Performance
  • Access to full text
  • Pdf view + extra's
  • Share options
  • "Open In" other Apps
  • Notifications
  • Search options
  • Platforms
  • Support 
Some Responses
  • Am I right that docwise and Read by QxMD do NOT have option to Open PDF in another Apps, like GoodReader?
    Answer docwise: will launch this approx. 2 months. Answer Read: It's on our Roadmap!
  • How does this "Featured" Tab work in ReadbyQxMD?
    Answer Read: Over time, you will find that the Featured tab will become more and more personalized. The featured tab is populated by content that is algorithmically determined.  We use dozens of signals to figure out the content that you might otherwise be missing. For example, if you are a cardiologist and thousands of other cardiologists have been reading article X, we are more likely to include article X in your featured stream even if it's from a journal that you haven't subscribed to.
  • I am missing Critical Care Medicine + American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care in BrowZine. can you add them for me?
    Answer BrowZine:
     American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care is a Highwire journal, we'll be adding this very soon (probably within the next week).  Critical Care Medicine is a LLW title and we are still a ways out from supporting these journals (more than a month out).

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