Monday, November 15, 2010

Google Places for Libraries : generate traffic?

In Google Places you can register your library to appear in Google Maps. 
This is how the CMB UMCG looks now in there.

You can add images and links to your website. The possibility to add information in the description is useful. Once a month you get your stats in an email, but you can view it online too of course.
This month the free Google Places Registration of our library generated: 

5421 impressions & 216 extra hits to library website, per month

I would like to see more stats of libraries using this. 

This week I added some extra links to our new LibGuides (see below). I hope to generate some more traffic. Anything helps ...:-)
Resources for Medicine
Resources for Dentistry
Resources for Human Movement Sciences

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Aaron Tay said...

Okay I finally checked mine.

4776 impressions,
47 Clicks for more info on Maps
253 Clicks to your website

Anonymous said...

iets om op nedbib-lijst te zetten?

digicmb said...

Please Anonymous, feel free to post on Nedbib list!