Monday, November 26, 2012

Lending out iPads to Medical Staff : my #online12 talk

The Central Medical Library of the University Medical Center Groningen started to lend iPads to clinical and research staff in Februari 2011. 
We brought this new innovative technology to them to engage them in an experience that most certainly would affect their daily workflow in patient care, research or education. 

The iPads were pre-loaded with apps on workflow, communication, medical specialities, journals, books and library resources. 

It brought the library many useful direct user contacts as the iPads were exchanged only with a initial personal "briefing" ├índ a de-briefing meeting when the iPads were returned. 
One of our goals for this project was to learn where the library's focus should be for the next years regarding mobile technology & library services. 
This talk will explain how pro-active projects like lending out iPads to patrons, can have a huge impact on the user's perception of the library. Throughout the whole organization the library became the first stop to go, for anything related to the use of iPads or other tablets. 
I will picture what elements for libraries will be important in the next years to keep up to date, to maintain an important player in your organization to conclude with solid predictions for future trends your library simpy can not ignore! 

Key learning points: 
1 - You can change the way people look at the library by engaging in pro-active projects focussed on information workflow 
2- Libraries can play an important role in driving technological innovation in your organisation 
3 - Lending out iPads to library patrons is the best pr & marketing activity for libraries since the invention of "sliced bread"! 

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