Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Correcting Errors in PubMed

Correcting Errors in PubMed | Medical Librarians Of the World (MeLOW) |

An error found in a PubMed record can be corrected, but whether the correction can be made by the publisher depends on the publication status of the citation in question and whether the error also occurred in the original version of the article (print or online).
Publishers can correct errors ONLY if the citation has the publication status [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]. Citations with the publication status [PubMed - in process], [PubMed - Indexed for MEDLINE], [PubMed] and [PubMed - OLDMEDLINE] can ONLY be corrected by NLM staff.
Errors that also appeared in the original version of the article cannot be corrected until an Erratum is issued in an upcoming issue of the journal. Please see NLM's Errata, Retraction, Duplicate Publication, and Comment Policy Fact Sheet for more information.
Please use this format when submitting a request for correction to
  • PMID:
  • TITLE:
  • ISSN:
  • ISSUE:
  • URL: (if any)
  • PUBLISHER: Publisher for this journal
  • PROVIDER: XML data provider for this journal
  • TEXT: Current text
  • CORRECTION: Revised text
  • NOTE: Additional notes

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