Monday, January 30, 2006

The List : Things You Can Do With RSS

I found this link in the blog of a Dutch digital trend watcher (Frankwatching). The wiki publishes a almost endless list of things you can do with RSS. It is updated frequently. A few remarkable items:
  • follow webstats via RSS: Via you can get the amount of incoming and outgoing links from your website. Ofcourse you have to register to activate the rss-functionality
  • make a TAG-cloud of your or any collection of RSS-feeds to show visually what keywords are popular/important.
  • Wotzwot lets you make a RSS-feed maken of almost any website, this can be useful for sites who don't offer RSS yet! Just mention a starting and end point of the specific page. With FeedFire it is even simpler: just add an url, push the button and there you have an RSS-feed (not 100% mind you). Another "feedscraper", but Feed43 makes it possible to convert elements of pages into RSS instead of the standard complete page.
  • Keep uptodate with new Patents provides a RRS-feed to keep up with the latest American patents.
  • Alert service for your subject searches via RSS (PubMed offers this, but also for Google searches you can use Ben HammersleyƂ’s Google-to-RSS SOAP script or the GooRSS service.
  • News Feeds To Mobile Phone With and you can convert any RSS-feed in a feed for your mobile, Palm, Blackberry, PDA or MDA. Not just text but also pictures of for instance Flickr.
  • Collect music, radioshows and podcasts Via Podcastalley or podcast searchengines like Podzinger, Blinkx, Podscope and Feedster.
  • Follow what others read ... Many people use online bookmarks and make them public in, or Furl (social bookmark tools) with the option to subscribe to a feed that will alert you on newly read or bookmarked publications

There much more, but this is enough for now. If you want to read more: Taking RSS Beyond Headlines: Part One of

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