Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ads by Google on (Library) Blogs?

You can not deny the influence of "Google Anything" on everything they throw at us. The main reason for librarians to like all this, is the fact that changes in their environment (network, organizational, anything) normally take much, much more time before even getting into BETA .... And yes,we like the hype of that "Everything 2.0" stuff, wiki's and blogging, but there I want to make a point. Just a remark really, about not overdoing it, not confusing Google for the company you are working for, or the other way around, you working for Google. Blogs with ads from Google (or anything) should not become normal among library blogs. Ok, I admit I tried the Google Adsense/AdWords service for a week to have a look how it works, but it's my opinion that bloggers should refuse to activate this service. You never now what it will present to your users, and every time they active a link your credits go up. You could argue that the current library services do the same right now, but get you nowhere moneywise (-;) I am not convinced these ads add any "added value" to the contents of the blog. Are you just trying it out, Wouter?
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