Tuesday, February 03, 2009

PubMed Search & News Widget

OK, I think Toolbars are great for quick easy access to search databases, free or licensed databases. Users can use this jumpstart search to get to their preferred search engines direct from their browser window.

But not everybody is allowed to install browser plugins or add-ons.
To distribute the Toolbar functionality like the search & news options, I create derived widgets that can be used as a whole in many social networks, websites and intranet sites, everywhere where it is allowed to put up html.

The PubMed Search & News Widget is the latest one. I just got confirmation from Widgetbox that they approved it.
"Derived" in this case, means, the widget is using the PubMed Toolbar installed custom searches and the installed rss-feed of PubMed New & Noteworthy.

(re-published from NLM Toolbars Blog)
pubmed Search & News widget
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