Thursday, February 11, 2010

Back-up Tweets, Ban Pubmedonline and Mobile Libraries : TweetSelection 11-2-2010

I am going to try and make an archive of a selection of myTweets. Many thanks to Karen Blakeman for and BackupMy Tweets.
  • Thanks @uamslibrary for following me! You're my no. 1200! 
  • Advice: unfollow @pubmedonline, or don't even start. It's an adWords scam obviously 
  • Today I will probably reach my 5000th tweet, for what it's worth. Time to back-up some of it. What's the best way to archive your Tweets? 
  • Publish your tweets on your blog. Automatically. (via @karenblakeman
  • @karenblakeman This is what I like about (Twitter) communication. You ask for something and you always get more than you asked for! :) 
  • Wolfmother live on 3voor12 tv at 
  • Opera Wants to Bring Its Mobile Browser to iPhone: Opera Mini is a great mobile browser on most... ... RT @ROGER_N_FLORIDA: 
  • RT @novoseek: - It does feel good to have your support. We keep building a better search engine for Pubmed 
  • That's why i love Netvibes. They understand "sharing" the source. RT @ashmex: do you know how to add a google gadget in #netvibes ? 
  • Geocache game made in UMCG. RT @groeneveldjoke 
  • RT @aarontay: [New Post] Does embedding search widgets increase usage? Using Google analytics for tracking 
  • "Best Practices in Virtual Worlds Teaching Guide 2.0 now available" RT @malburns 
  • Netvibes vs Google Reader : a young teacher point of view via @kimcuppett /via @netvibes 
  • Facebook Mobile Hits 100 Million Users, Growing Faster Than On Desktops - RT @KentBottles: RT @TechCrunch 
  • Two New Mobile Web Sites from Libraries and Universities, U. of Nebraska-Lincoln & Texas A&M RT @resourceshelf
  • iPhone apps used more compared with mobile websites, usibality test Jakob Nielsen @idaaa

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