Friday, February 12, 2010

Library Social Media & Tools, RefWorks Mobile: From Twitter 02-11-2010

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  •  ‘Command line’ searching in PubMed – Advanced (by @giustini )RT @laikas: RT @shamsha: Handy cheat sheet! From Twitter 02-10-2010:

  • Links for 2010-02-09 []: UK PubMed Central | Homepage UK PubMed Central is part of a network of PMC Int...

  • @medicinauab PubMedOnline is a AdWord scam that uses Google custom search to search NLM databases. Don't RT them. RT this!

  • @Dymphie Correction: #EMTACL10 is offering hotels with high discount when booked BEFORE ....check details at

  • Updating Our LIbrary Social Media and Tools links on DIGICMB blog

  • Ultimate List of Google Wave Gadgets and Tools (via @IK_Community @rajupp

  • Library 2.0 Treat ....?

  • Just added RefWorks Mobile to my home screen of my iPhone. This looks exactly like a real App!

  • SquarePik iPhone App Adds Photos and Videos to Foursquare Check-ins - RT @mashable

  • @lukask nice option in Safari on iPhone to Add to Home Screen = Visual bookmark of web app/page. Mobile Web app looks like iPhone app. Add to Home Screen of the iPhone: visual bookmarks. See my blog icon

  • Is there a Linkedin App for iPhone that DOES offer Group management?

  • What is your default search on RefWorks Mobile? RT @Dymphie: RefWorks op de Android werkt óók prima

  • 13 Tools for Building Your Own iPhone App (All without Objective C)

  • @jstaaks No. 3 btw, mekentosj Papers is a MUST
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