Thursday, February 04, 2010

Web 2.0 Lunch meeting AMC Library Team

The presentation is partly in Dutch, but it shows "The Order of Things" as they have developed themselves for me. Here's a small resume in English with some links.

Going Mobile is my Theme for this year as well as a focus on Virtual Research Networks.
The connection with this overview is that it all started with a great presentation of Lorcan Dempsey at the 34th LIBER in Groningen about the User Environment (as well as stimulating conversations with former colleague Ingrid Riphagen ...) The last slide of this presentation is his. And I am enormously looking forward meeting him again at the EMTACL10 (Emerging Technologies in Academic Libraries) Conference in Trondheim where he will be a keynote speaker. And guess what .. Ingrid Riphagen is working there now too!

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