Friday, May 21, 2010

ICT Strategic Plan 2010-2014 University of Groningen & the Library

The ICT -term  Plan 2010-2014 of the University of Groningen is a Blueprint for IT spending over the next five years in the field of ICT and innovations. The plan is compiled by the university’s ICT Strategy Committee. The plan includes five areas within which ICT is applied research, education, scientific information, organization and infrastructure.
About PurpleSearch:
  • p.22:  (translated) The ICT-strategic committee proposes to give an  impuls to the development of the searchtool PurpleSearch for the coming planning period ….
  • p.22: (translated) Search Purple adequately supports users in finding information using various Web 2.0 and Library 2.0 technologies.
    The application provides Google-like manner direct search and guides the process with adding useful suggestions (recommanderfunctie). In addition,Purple Search can provide facilities such as rapid calculation of impact factors, the addition of abstracts,
    abstracts, book reviews, etc. Ultimately, Purple Search will act as a personalized search tool with capabilities of personal alert….
  • p.23: (translated) Recommendation 16: The committee recommends the further development of Purple Search 1.5 additional FTE manpower to finance over 2 years, ie k € 225
    (Aanbeveling 16:
    De commissie beveelt aan voor de verdere ontwikkeling van PurpleSearch 1,5 fte extra menskracht te financieren, gedurende 2 jaar, dat wil zeggen k€ 225.)
This is good news for the further development of PurpleSearch.

The blog will report on the process and on relevant issues on the topic of search tools..
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Other plans related to the Library:

Other major investments in the plan that the commission proposes

  • keep investing in the supercomputer BlueGene and the Linux cluster, 
  • do invest more in storage and processing large amounts of data, 
  • show at least four hundred courses on the OpenCourse Ware WWW services, 
  • do more to video lectures, 
  • build a good Service Oriented Architecture for administrative systems.

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