Saturday, August 21, 2010

Emerging technology in Medical and Health Information : Medlibs Round 2.8, Deadline 04-Sept-2010!

This is a call on all Health and Medical Information specialist worldwide to submit one or more of your blog posts to the nexts months MedLibs Blog Carnaval Round 2.8 which will be up at this blog!

The theme of this Round will be: Emerging Technology in Medical and Health Information.
You can already start submitting to the next edition (just sign in and enter the URL of your post) at the submission form here. You can submit any post as long as it is of good quality and pertains to medical and/or health information.
I had the pleasure and honour to give a Continuing Education Course (CEC) at EAHIl 2010 on this theme, and am trying to keep the public course up to date at :
The course touched emerging technology issues relevant for academic and medical libraries & librarians.
You will find already a lot of information on certain topics, and a few books I can recommend, but it would be great to hear your opinion on the content, to reveive comments, new stuff, to read what's happening in your areas.  But most of all I want to see NEW STORIES about new developments, of cutting-edge technologies that anyhow could have some applied-use in health and medical information.
This MedLibs Blog Carnaval offers you the platform to tell your colleagues and share it with us.

Have a look at  Highlight HEALTH to see this months episode by Walter Jessen or read the complete MedLibs round-Archive

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