Monday, October 25, 2010

A Wishlist for future EAHIL Conferences ...

Someone slipped me a note late at night during the EAHIL2010 Gala Dinner.
She added: "That's what I do when I wake-up at 05.00 in the morning and can't sleep. I make lists"
(I might have gotten the time wrong ..., like I said, it was late at night ...)
She probably thought: "Well, if Eirik can get things on the agenda talking in the gents... , maybe this works as well"
This is what she suggests or would like to see at/for future EAHIL Conferences & Workshops:
  1. Avoiding Powerpoint in Presentations. 
    • Give us Alternative programs & examples please
      (Some fast temp answers: Try Prezi or  another alternative)
  2. Creating digital instruction videos
  3. Netvibes Advanced clinic. 
    • Further development of skills and knowledge about how to use it.
      (Some fast temp answers: You know how to hire me! :-)
  4. How to start your own blog
    (Some fast temp answers: Have a look at this Medical Library version of 23 Things)
  5. Security
    • effective passwords & management
    • what to look out for in Web 2.0, awareness on security
      (Some fast temp answers: Try Sxipper or LastPass)
  6. E-Books
  7. 10 things to do with your mobile phone(Some fast temp answers: here is a start info doc about Mobile & Libraries)
  8. Pharmaceutical libraries
    • what are they
    • how are they different
      (Some fast answer: I don't know much about "pharma-libs", but liked this presentation)
  9. iPod, iPhone & iPad Apps
    • bring your own
  10. Copyright Update /Refresher
    • what are the rules
  11. Moodle Workshop
  12. Linkstorming session using Twitter
    • collect apps that deal with topics ie. videos, medical images ...etc
      Do WE Have a MESH for Web 2.0?
  13. Best Programs that teach you 10 finger typing FAST
  14. Reviews & highlights of other conferences
  15. EAHIL Website: Book recommendations by Topic, from lectures etc.
I will make sure the next EAHIL Workshop & Conference Organizers will get this short list.
Please fill in your answers by commenting, or even add NEW items on the EAHIL Wish List (EWL!)
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