Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The University Medical Center Groningen is Supporter Member of BioMed Central, and therefore also of SpringerOpen and Chemistry Central.

In my previous post about "Searching Open Access Publications : identify you affiliation output" I listed the most common platforms and publishers of Open Access where we suspected our staff to publish their articles.

I missed this SpringerOpen and only looked at the Springer Open Choice program.
All articles SpringerOpen by UMCG

Search articles:     YES,
Search Affiliation: YES (But this does not work, try groningen in Author Affiliation in Advanced search and you get NO hits)
Advanced search/limits: YES
Save / Download records: YES (export to the main reference management tools)
Save (search) as RSS: YES (MyBioMedCentral user works also for SpringerOpen)

To my surprise there is newer material in the SpringerOpen overview. Unfortunately also with some articles NOT directly from the UMCG, but I would go for this feed, and filter out the wrong ones in the syndicated posts on atUMCG blog

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