Friday, April 06, 2012

The UMCG F1000 Poster Project : an update

This week the International Student Congress of (bio)Medical Sciences 2012 Poster Portal has gone live with the publishing of one of the award winning posters of last year.
So far F1000 did offer poster and slides facilities just for individuals and Societies, but now they are working on this for organisations, like academic institutions as well, to start with the UMCG.

ISCOMS Poster Portal
You can see clearly now how a branded UMCG Conference Portal with F1000 would look like. Right now there is only just one poster there, but it is an award-winning one of ISCOMS 2011!.
All presenters at ISCOMS 2012 will be asked to deposit their posters and slides to this Portal to make sure they will be visible for those who can not attend the conference.
Together with F1000 and in close contact with ISCOMS the CMB make this portal possible. It is a first step in hopefully more UMCG conferences using these free Conference facilities, and promoting Open Access at the same time, by putting online posters and slides.

UMCG Poster Portal
Behind the scenes the CMB is working, together with F1000 on a institutional UMCG Portal for ALL posters (past,present and future) by UMCG-staff or students.
As soon as this Portal is visible for anybody, we will let you know a.s.a.p!
People already can  upload (deposit)  their posters and slides freely themselves, ór ask the CMB to do it for them. An email to me with the digital version of the poster or slides, is enough.
We will make sure that they will appear in the UMCG Poster Portal once that it is live.. We are planning a short instructional video to show the register and deposit process.

Here is a presentation about the Project:

And here's a YouTube movie of me, doing the presentation ;-)

This amount will rise quickly, as we are mapping all posters in the UMCG corridors, ánd scanning the web for posters published elsewhere.
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