Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Second Life Medical Library 2.0: an update

A few weeks have passed since I first mentioned the Second Life Library 2.0 initiative from Alliance Library System and OPAL I must admit I got a little dragged in .... I am now "in charge"of the Second Life Medical Library 2.0 and have a special building to take care of. Luckily two people from the US are joining me in this adventure. This will make my boss very happy, as usually meetings in Sl take place at 17.00 SL Time (02.00 over here!) or later. Have a look at some pictures: Remind you this is all still very out of interest from my part and not part of my actual day job (Real Life RL or First Life)-;) But interesting things are developing .....into serious business. Lots of workshops, meetings, sessions are organized in or around the Second Life Library Buildings. It draws a lot of attention. And believe it or not .... the Medical Library is going to have it's first trial to an online database for Consumers Health in June and July. So everybody in SL will have access to Ebsco's Consumer Health Database! I wish I could have seen the face of the licencing officer from Ebsco's after being asked this -;) We will organize workshops to explain how to search this resource and how to find medical info on the web for SL patrons. There are going to be Special sessions for exchange info between library staff. More on this later. The people from Alliance Library System and OPAL are really doing a great job, trying to develop library services, with enthusiasm. develop all kinds of library services, with enthusiasm. There is some more positive blog coverage from: Phil Bradley -

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