Friday, September 08, 2006

No Time to Blog?

I am having trouble picking up my blog where I left it before my holyday ..... It is not that there is nothing to blog about.. it's perhaps even the opposite! It has been so busy at my work from day one. After just one morning at work I had to take the train to the TICER courses for two days. If you haven't had the chance to look at the program please do it now, because there were some excellent presentations. My personal best:
  • Aiming for New Levels of Cross-Repository Functionality changes in scholarly research and scholarly communication scholarly repositories as nodes in a global scholarly workflow system cross-repository interoperability recording and expressing the chain of evidence when reusing a unit of scholarly communication the Pathways project (Cornell University and Los Alamos National Laboratory) the April 2006 "Augmenting Interoperability across Scholarly Repositories" summit full abstract PowerPoint presentation as PDF file (774kB) Herbert Van de Sompel Team Leader Digital Library Research and Prototyping, Los Alamos National Laboratory Research Library, USA
  • Advances in Search Driving Library 2.0 trends in information access impacting next generation digital library services examples: effective access to rich media, extreme precision by contextual analysis and social networks how can Library 2.0 services create new patterns for interaction with students and scholars how can strategic advantages be realized in the eco-system of different digital library providers full abstract PowerPoint presentation as PDF file (4.598kB) Dr. Bjørn Olstad Chief Technology Officer, Fast Search & Transfer (FAST), Norway
  • Engage Your Users with Blogs and RSS: Create Community, Take Your Content to Them the powerful potential of blogs and RSS how to use blogs to offer a more dynamic and interactive library website how other libraries have leveraged blogs how to use RSS to push your resources out to where your users are, rather than forcing them to come to your website to find out what's new practical hands-on exercises: creating blogs, writing blog posts, reading RSS feeds, and displaying feeds on a web page full abstract PowerPoint presentation as PDF file (23.577kB) Jenny Levine The Shifted Librarian and Internet Development Specialist, Metropolitan Library System, USA
  • Where Our Users Are: Instant Messaging for Libraries exploration and explanation of instant messaging in the library setting, including software, training and policy ample hands on exercises: launching an IM reference service implementation strategies best practices and possible pitfalls full abstract PowerPoint presentation as PDF file (2.556kB) Michael Stephens Special Projects Librarian, St. Joseph County Public Library, USA

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