Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tools for making bibliographies: what do users use?

After reading a post mentioned by Lorcan Dempsey about all kind of used tools for making bibliographies and managing citations, have to put this issue high on my list of "do something to improve this for our users" again. We currently use Reference Manager as standard, but with every new version we experience the trouble of network distribution and adjustment to the used word processing tools. We hear more and more possitive sounds about Endnote with the new web-based version. When will the web-based version of Reference Manager be available? A selection:


Anonymous said...

Does your university have a preferred or supported bibliographic management software? At my place of work it's EndNote.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guus, we have the same problem in Utrecht and try to move forward by using Refworks. It's not free, but solves many of the problems we had with Endnote and creates new opportunities, mainly in sharing. In a recent post on my blog a have put up a list of criteria.