Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Helsinki by night

After a very intensive workshop together with Dorine, I was exhausted, and had to evaluate the course, because some things did not work out exactly as we wanted. But on the other hand, this is the new way of learning, by doing, adapting and interaction. Mainly we had too much planned in too little time. We need at least a day!. For some the course layout or concept might have been too loosly organised around the netvibes universe we created together : Some did want a handout, but they did not realize the course layout & content actually was already IN the Universe. The Universe EAHIL2008 will be filled the next days with participants suggestions. Even after the conference you will be abled to follow up on development as will try and give an overview of all possible web2.0 or library2.0 info related to the major health or medicine resources and news out there. If you want to join the groups or suggest stuff: Please feel free to contact Guus or Dorine eahil2008 [at] to pass on more ideas, tips etc. Get an Netvibes account and add EAHIL2008 to your contacts to follow all developments. We will also publish a "wish" list for widgets and work with the participants to actually create these!

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