Friday, June 06, 2008

Surgery Search Engine

Just found this at :

"to provide general surgeons with a wealth of peer-reviewed, practical clinical data and practice information, Contemporary Surgery has partnered with Convera to create this highly specialized vertical search tool.

SurgeryFindIt delivers editorially selected Web site searches to the user. Extraneous and unrelated sites have been edited out to yield tightly targeted search results tailored to the interests and needs of surgeons. Searches initiated through SurgeryFindIt will direct searches on surgical resources such as associations, peer-reviewed journals, medical schools and major medical centers, and suppliers of surgical devices."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by AltSearchEngines!

Try,,,, or, or - there are so many!

Charles Knight

Anonymous said...

With no upfront investment or long term commitment required with pay-as-you-go search on Amazon EC2 (SearchBlox) to start a vertical search engine these days, vertical search engines on every medical subject will crop up soon.