Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The EAHIL2008 Experience : it will last

The 11th Conference of the European Association of Health Information and Libraries was a big success. Over 450 people visited, the scientific programm was impressive. It was hard (almost impossible) to choose sessions that could be skipped, to explore the city and country more.

For me it was an extremely intense, unforgettable conference, perfectly organised by our Finnish colleagues. Their openness and involvement was tremendous.
Here are some links to get more info, if you can not wait for more posts. Because I will be writing a lot about the conference! Some really cool stuff has been shown and I want to share it.
To get a almost overall view, have a look at the EAHIL2008 Netvibes Universe:

The networking at EAHIL2008 was also massive this year. More on that later, but to show you what is out there to make networking even available AFTER the Conference ....
Here are the tools to do it:
For EAHIl we now have the following "tools"

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