Monday, October 20, 2008

AIDS Grant for Second Life Project Karuna

Aids & HIV Center In Second Life Frontpage on Metaverse Messenger! pdf
With the Karuna Advisory committee we are deciding how to execute the $60,000 grant for a project entitled “AIDS Information and Outreach in the Virtual World of Second Life.” Here are our The Project Objectives and Accomplishments to be Achieved:
  • To build an AIDS information and community center in the virtual world of Second Life.
  • To develop and compile quality resources in the library on AIDS/HIV.
  • To train AIDS/HIV patients, their families, and others on how to search for quality information on all aspects of the disease.
  • To collaborate with other AIDS/HIV and health information agencies to provide quality health information.
  • To provide informational displays on AIDS/HIV
  • To increase awareness of NLM resources on AIDS/HIV
On a weekly basis we are talking about the new Island Karuna with the involved parties: The project includes the creation of a new island with a community AIDS/HIV library/resource center. The resource center will provide information support and outreach to the Second Life community and beyond about AIDS/HIV and its prevention. The new island will also be home to a garden space where narratives about the AIDS/HIV experience can be shared through art, audio, video, poetry, essays, and more. The project runs from October 1, 2008 – March 31, 2010.

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Anonymous said...

I'd be happy to document the building and the programming of your amazing efforts in SL so that their will be a good video document of the progress to share with other similar endeavors and non-profits.

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