Friday, October 31, 2008

Pull The Plug From Silverplatter WinSpirs and Webspirs

Historical promo for Silverplatter Winspirs : a mousepad

Today is the last day the Silverplatter Winspirs Platform will be available in the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and the University of Groningen.
To my knowledge it is the platform that has been used for the longest period in a row inside the hospital. One of my colleagues remembers pushing the first Silverplatter cd-rom into the library computer somewhere in 1988.

It has also been the most used, before being replaced by the freely available Pubmed.
Although the web version (WebSpirs) has "replaced" the windows version for years now, still many people have been using the windows-based interface on a daily bases. The forced shift to the new OVID-SP platform ánd the various other ways we offer the Medline database, made us decide to disappoint these "traditional" searchers. Some like to call them "power-users", because they are grown to like and use the fast, step-by-step-approach of the Winspirs Interface. It shows what it does and can repeat it logically & exactly.

So now, we help old Winspirs addicts to make the shift towards PubMed in most cases. Or we show them the way they can "extend" their search with, Scopus, EbscoHost or even OVIDSP....

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