Saturday, November 22, 2008

What kind of tourist am I?

My intensions were to go walking around the city and visit the Vasa Museum and maybe some others. Seeing the snow in the early morning after a short restless night made me go out soon and walk to the old town. It was wonderful to walk in a quiet city for a while.
Soon it became clear that the combination of a Saturday and snow was special for many people and it got more and more crowded.
And I suddenly did not have any urge left to visit any museum any more. You can call me strange, but I love to just stroll around in a strange unknown city to get a grasp of it's atmosphere.
To avoid the crowd I sat at the Coffee Bookshop Edenborg to enjoy a Cafe Latte, some pie, the free wlan and my new book Gardens of The Moon by Steven Erikson.

I did know how to find this Coffeeshop because of Åke Nygren told me that it was close to the great fantasy/SF Bookshop in the Old Town where I did buy my new book.
Much to my surprise and pleasure I see Åke walking in the Coffee shop and he joins me for a chat.
That chat turned into a very long friendly conversation (almost monologue) with a Norwegian musician and his wife. He even started to play and sing Cornelius Vreeswijk! Åke jaiku-ed Malin to join us and when we sat down at a vegetarian restaurant Hermitage for lunch she and Erik both joined us! The food there was absolutely amazing. A must-do if you like indian/asian food, great flavours!

It was already dark when we finsihed the lunch, but not time for a pint yet. So we had to go shopping for a sweater .... unsuccessfully, but time went past and we ended up in an all english pub with football and rugby matches live. (sorry forgot the name).
We had a great time and some great beers with very creative thoughts on a new concept on how to learn people web 2.0 in a new way ... More about this later.;-)
After we finally split up, I did a night time walk in the Old Town and made some nice pictures of Stockholm in the dark.
So, what kind of tourist am I?

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Anonymous said...

you are a happy lucky intuitive tourist it seems to me! nice report on your visit to stockholm. see you soon, annalies