Sunday, December 07, 2008

PurpleSearch & Library Toolbar: federated search in medical databases

PurpleSearch is a new innovative search discovery tool developed at the Library of the University Groningen. Currently only students and staff of RUG and UMCG can access it, but for the curious searchers and librarians some demo accounts are available. The project email address is There is a project blog, but most technical details are in the project wiki - It is in a beta, and many usefull web 2.0 features already developed are not yet visible. As a test I have added a selected databases list to the search box of the Central Medical Library Toolbar. Any search put in that searchbox will be " limited" to the following databases:, Pubmed, PiCarta, Cinahl, Cochrane, SocIndex, Web of Science and the UMCG Repository. One of the features is a Query Analysis that offers other relevant databases, bases on result analysis of previous searches. Download MP3

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