Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What will 2009 bring the Medical Staff and librarians?

I find it always hard to start-up again after a holiday period. Add to this feeling, the New Year happening, Christmas, loads of birthdays and memorials, the need to seriously look back at the previous year, ánd the necessity to give priorities to new challenges and tasks for the coming year, and then you know what I was doing the last weeks.

First thing I said to myself about this blog was that it should focus a bit more on the direct relevance for the UMCG staff in relation to the Medical Library. So don't be surprised if you see posts about the specific UMCG situation here now and again.
But I will always keep the new and weird stuff in here too. ;-).
More and more subjects are being discussed via Twitter and I frequently forget to post about those topics.
My Tweetdeck has become a standard application. So I need to find a better way to collect and implement all the things that are being discussed at Twitter into this blog.

I want to start 2009 off with a completely irrelevant post for the medical profession, but possibly a new hype among yougsters and students...
Do You Poken? a new gadget for in the real world to exchange and connect to people.
You just hold two poken close together and the connection is make. It gives you -when you plug it in your pc or laptop the details about the new "friends" including all their social network identities.
It could replaces your old school & boring paper "business" card and it prevents writing down or entering into mobiles & pda's of emails and url's.
I am not so sure about the looks. I do not see "real business" people walking around with it ....

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