Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alliance Virtual Library honors Volunteers with Golden Leaf Awards

Alliance Virtual Library Golden Leaf AwardImage by testdriverone via Flickr

I received one too for the work (as Namro Orman) done in almost three year new for HealthInfoIsland together with Carol Perryman (aka Carolina Keats)! We achieved a lot. Worked on at least 4 Grant funded projects:

We also published a chapter in a book called Virtual Worlds, Real Libraries.

The Golden Leaf Award Night was spectacular, with cocktail party, limo-trip, red carpets, tv and speeches.

Here is some motivation as well: "

Almost three years ago, in April 2006, the Alliance Virtual Library(AVL), at that time the Second Life Library 2.0, opened in a small rented building on the mainland. Three years later, thanks to the work of hundreds of volunteers from all over the world, we are an archipelago of over 50 library, education, non-profit, and partner islands. We have live reference service with over 300 questions per week, collections and exhibits on a wide variety of topics, and programs, training sessions and book discussions for Second Life residents. In Second Life, three years is an eternity, so it speaks well of the volunteers who have built and sustained the AVL. "A Night with the Stars" on February 7 is to recognize and celebrate the numerous accomplishments of those involved with the AVL!

Saturday, February 7, from 5-7 pm, the Alliance Virtual Library Archipelago and RezLibris Magazine celebrate library and education achievements in the virtual world of Second Life during 2008! Award winners will receive the prestigious Golden Leaf award designed by Krull Aeon and enjoy music and dancing to the music of Gabrielle Riel of Riel Radio. The sparkling red carpet event will be held at the Crystal Ballroom at the Cinesphere, especially designed for this special event on Eduisland 4. slurl_icon RezLibris Second Life is many things, but ultimately it is about the cultivation of creativity expressed in multiple forms to attract, enchant, inform and educate its residents. The evidence of this is everywhere. The untold hours devoted to the AVL may go unrecognized. That is about to change. The "Golden Leaf" award has been established to honor unique and innovative applications of library sciences, education, and the partners who support these efforts. We hope the celebration will inspire another three years of work, progress and innovation at the AVL."

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