Wednesday, February 04, 2009

ScienceRoll Medical Search : new federated search tool

ScienceRoll Medical Search is a new federated search tool created by Bertelan (Berci) Meskó together with PolyMeta.

Scienceroll Medical Search is a personalized medical metasearch engine. You can choose the databases you want to search in and exclude any of them to make your search as individualized as possible. ...The aim is to create a useful, editable metasearch engine for the entire medical community.

And it does what is said:

  • there are 4 major search categories (Basic Health Information, Drugs, Organizations and Research Information) with all together 23 "databases" which can be selected by choice.
  • it delivers fast results (within 10 second) presented in manageable merged first set
  • with an " Also Consider" advice
  • a clustered overview of Topics, Date and Format
  • in a relevance ranked order
I hope Berci is working on two major things that I and many others (clinicians and other medical staff) would love ..:
  • a drill-down option for the results (incl. selection of topics, record selection, save, ...) and
  • options to share the results via social networks, citation management and bookmark tools
Be sure to read the excellent interview with Berci by Hope Leman. I could not stop myself making a widget that combines the Search and posts of his great Blog. You can see and get that in the left menu of my blog.
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