Thursday, February 05, 2009

Zemanta : free blogging assistant

Zemanta has suggestions while you write inside your blogging dashboard! It tries to understand your text and recommends images, related links, tags and more. I am using Blogger to write my posts and setting up the Zemanta Firefox plugin was pretty easy. When having the Blogger dashboard open it presents a special window next to the concept post. The content of the post is being scanned and at least 5 things are happening automatically:
  • based on semantic search it offers to add links to parts of the text. I see many Wikipedia suggestions. I wonder if I can direct this anymore, i.e. with telling it to insert my Delicious links.
  • it presents suggestions for Tags & Labels. They can be included with one click. I do not see an option to add extra labels.
  • Pictures are shown the should relate to the text. They come from either from the web searched via an filter or from your own stuff from Flickr.
  • Your own stuff can be entered in the Preferences. With a max of 160 feeds via OPML or blogs can be added. This content is scanned to offer recent articles you bookmarked or others pulished in feeds you subscribe to. A simple click adds your selection to a special box "Related Articles" at the bottom of your post.
  • the Preferences also offer to add a button called "Reblog" or "Zemified". It's an easy way to offer readers to re-write your post for publishing or sharing.
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