Wednesday, March 25, 2009

All presentations of Zorg 2.0

The Zorg 2.0 (Health2.0) Event in Nijmegen was a great success. The range of talks and perspectives was very broad, but also gave a number of specific good examples of good practice in Health2.0 projects.

Have a look at the presentations and you will see how to make healtcare more transparant and make the best use of web 2.0 tools to enhance communication and interaction between patient and healtcare professionals.
Arrange the care around the patients and not around the doctors. Train your staff to deal with, to engage and emerge in this vision of healthcare.
Choose your applications wisely to get, use, adapt or even create your own best applied use of it in your organization. It is not about the tools, but about the whole process and workflow around healthcare and your vision.
It will have influence on all aspects, but has to be introduced with care and step by step.
More on this events will follow soon! For instance the video recordings of the talks will be very nice to to watch. ...

Zorg 2.0 in Lux NijmegenImage by testdriverone via Flickr

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