Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bertalan Mesko (Berci), founder of ScienceRoll

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I had the honour to meet Bertalan Mesko this week at the Zorg 2.0 conference in Nijmegen. The 24-year old medical Hungarian student and internet entrepreneur with
The medical library world knows him as the person behind ScienceRoll, one of the most read medical blogs about web 2.0 and the mash-up with health care.
He spoke about the use of communities for professionals in health care. With the use of Second Life as educational tool, the experience of two communities and how the training can be embedded.
It is his aim to help medical professionals and patients enter the web 2.0 era by providing them with e-courses, consulting and personalized packages. First ones he launced are Diabetes and Depression.
Berci is also responsible for the web 2.0 meta medical search engine you can see in the left menu of this blog.
One the useful tools to help professionals to keep up to date is his PeRSSonalized Medical Search. It offers quick conversion of your PubMed search strategy into RSS overviews that can be saved and personalized.

Below you can see the short teaser videos with interviews with the key note speakers of Zorg 2.0. Berci is the second one to appear in this video.

interview teaser from lucien engelen on Vimeo.
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