Sunday, March 01, 2009

PubMed Search & RSS : Workshop for Zorg 2.0 Event

75% of all online adult get health Information from the Internet.
Health questions drive internet users age 73 and older to the internet just as frequently as they drive Generation Y users, outpacing teens by a significant margin.
Researching health information is the third most popular online activity with the most senior age group, after email and online search.
Pew Research generations Online

For many HealthCare professionals the possibilities of the Web are still hidden.
The Zorg 2.0 Event wants to improve awareness, share information and learn healthcare professionals about the challenges the Internet has to offer. (automatic translated english version)
New media such as weblogs, online communities, Twitter, podcasts, vodcasts, RSS feeds, can support professionals in the exchange of information but also in exchange of experiences, facilitate hospital admissions, etc.
The internet can also be used as a 2-way communication between professionals and patients. The optimal use of the Internet in patient and healthcare is called Health 2.0.

A small aspect (but certainly not unimportant) of this is the searching for scientific medical publications and keeping up to date for medical staff. The largest, most used and free accessible web-based database is Pubmed.
In a workshop of one hour I will show the excellent functionalities PubMed has to offer to find more relevant publications easier and faster in combination with alert and personalisation options (e.g. MyNCBI & RSS).
Participants will try alternative interfaces that use Pubmed (and other databases) for finding publications on emergency -and related- medical services. Scanning, saving, sharing & re-using PubMed and other web data via personal startpage tools will be shown as well.
The Zorg 2.0 also offers workshops in Twitter, Linkedin, Pod- & Vodcasts and Second Life.

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