Friday, May 15, 2009

Medical Libraries using LibGuides : various approaches

springshare: @digicmb - here are lists of medical libraries ( and hospitals ( using LibGuides
It started with a Tweet on wanting to know who was using LibGuides in Medical Libraries. At the University of Groningen the libraries are working on making SUBJECT GUIDES with LibGuides and I thought the fastest way to find out what and where was a quick Tweet.
Of course I should have searched for myself IN LibGuides to find out, but this way was more easier, and I believe using the contacts in Twitter makes it possible to get móre than just the links and recieve also experiences and comments. Other also now know I am working on that in Groningen...

The use is very different. Some actually look a bit like Netvibes Universes, but without the sharing part and with the option of moving stuff around of course for the users. Here is one from Becker Medical Library on Medical Podcasts

A really nice well-filled example of a Subject Guide (but they call if Research Tools ...) for Medical Students can be found at

The Dental Medicine Subject Guide from the Harvard Medical School is great, and shows a nice mix of library related services for Dentistry, the use of resources, news, books, specialities, although you might think that users could get lost in the great amount of data.

The very large amount of subject guides were created by by the staff of the Norris Medical Library "Subject Guides: Research assistance and useful resources" (49 guides!)

There is use of the LibGuides as support for education, classes, seperate studies of focus groups: Here is one from Himmelfarm Health Sciences Library on History of Epidemics.

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