Friday, December 11, 2009

NARCIS included NIVEL, Dutch Institute for Research of Health Care

NARCIS,  the gateway to the Dutch Scientific information (National Academic Research and Collaborations Information System)  has included a new repository: the repository of the NIVEL: the Dutch Institute for research of health care. It concerns about 2500 open access publications, that is 40% of the publications of NIVEL.

"NARCIS provides access to 381,311 scientific publications (191,575 of which are open access publications), 8,930 data sets, and information on researchers (expertise), research projects and research institutes in the Netherlands" 
It will be developed within the framework of SURFShare, in close cooperation with the Dutch universities and NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research).

37 Repositories are now included in NARCIS

As of now a so-called NARCIS search plugin is available for the Internet Explorer and Firefox browser at the Mycroft Project page:

The search plugin was created on site via the easy submissions utility .
 Use the Show Full instructions for extra info. Constructing the search string for NARCIS was easy:{searchTerms}
The favicon (the little icon showed in the search box) of Narcis was captured via

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