Monday, May 10, 2010

Impressions from EMTACL10

Before I will post on the EMTACL10 conference content-wise I will point out some material you can have a look at. All official presentations and Lightnings talks will be published on the EMTACL10 webiste, including all HD recorded sessions. Due to the large amount (and size) of the material it will take a while for it to be online.
Content created by participants (and non-participants) via:

The presentation with the highest impact on the audience was wihout a doubt by Ida Aalen. It was called:

"I've Got Google, Why Do I Need You?" 

A comment I picked up during lunch afterwards : "I feel completely incompetent as a librarian now ..."
While Ida is, without a doubt, a briljant student, she gets away -for now- with organizing study in her own way using Evernote, Google Docs, Wikipedia and Google (Scholar) Search and therefore practically "Bypassing The Library" . It is not a complete disconnection, because she still goes to the library for books, to borrow them. While reading them she types her summary at a speed of 600 characters per minute. She remembers everything, she claims. Not facts, but remembering reading about it, she is abled to "retrieve" the needed info ...... within 30 seconds. "Because I am not stupid, but I am impatient"
When the video recording of this talk go live, it is a must-see for librarian. Not that it is a new message, but it is brought to use so directly, vivid and clear to almost 180 librarians in the main conference room of EMTACL10.
Here is a short "tease"on Youtube:

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