Monday, July 12, 2010

Webicina Toolbar Updated & available from Webicina itself!

For me it wasn't difficult to decide the work on a Toolbar for Webicina, which I believe to be -at this point- the best & most up to date Medical web 2.0 collection of resources, blogs and tools around for Medical Professionals and Empowered Patients. 
And together with PeRSSonalized Medicine -a free, easy-to-use aggregator of quality medical information that lets you select your favourite resources and read the latest news and articles about a medical specialty or a medical condition in one personalized place.
it perfectly merges into a very usefull tool to keep up for many people.
Berci now added the link to the Webicina Toolbar on both pages at the right side.

Webicina Toolbar Now on Medical Professional & Empowered Patient Page!

Webicina's content:
For Medical Professionals: 19 Specialities

Step-by-step guides about the web 2.0 tools you need to use.

For Empowered Patients: 15 topics

PeRSSonalized Medical Conditions

  •  PeRSSonalized AIDS & HIV      
  •  PeRSSonalized Allergy       
  •  PeRSSonalized Arthritis       
  •  PeRSSonalized Asthma       
  •  PeRSSonalized Autism       
  •  PeRSSonalized Cancer       
  •  PeRSSonalized Crohn's disease       
  •  PeRSSonalized Depression       
  •  PeRSSonalized Diabetes       
  •  PeRSSonalized Dialysis       
  •  PeRSSonalized Epilepsy       
  •  PeRSSonalized Fitness       
  •  PeRSSonalized High Blood Pressure       
  •  PeRSSonalized Infectious Diseases       
  •  PeRSSonalized Leukemia       
  •  PeRSSonalized Multiple Sclerosis       
  •  PeRSSonalized Parkinson's disease       
  •  PeRSSonalized Pregnancy       
  •  PeRSSonalized Psoriasis       
  •  PeRSSonalized Stroke       
  •  PeRSSonalized Transplantation       
  •  PeRSSonalized Weight loss        
  •  PeRSSonalized Women's Health 

PERSSonalized Medical Specialities:

  • PeRSSonalized Anatomy       
  • PeRSSonalized Anesthesiology       
  • PeRSSonalized Cardiology       
  • PeRSSonalized Dentistry       
  • PeRSSonalized Dermatology       
  • PeRSSonalized Emergency Medicine       
  • PeRSSonalized Genetics       
  • PeRSSonalized Geriatrics       
  • PeRSSonalized Midwifery       
  • PeRSSonalized Nephrology       
  • PeRSSonalized Neurology       
  • PeRSSonalized Nursing       
  • PeRSSonalized Nutrition       
  • PeRSSonalized OB/Gyn       
  • PeRSSonalized Ophthalmology       
  • PeRSSonalized Otolaryngology 
  • PeRSSonalized Pathology      
  • PeRSSonalized Pediatrics 
  • PeRSSonalized Physical Therapy       
  • PeRSSonalized Plastic Surgery       
  • PeRSSonalized Psychiatry       
  • PeRSSonalized Radiology       
  • PeRSSonalized Rheumatology       
  • PeRSSonalized Sexual Health       
  • PeRSSonalized Surgery
PeRSSonalized Others:

  • PeRSSonalized PAHO       
  • PeRSSonalized Pharma      
  • PeRSSonalized Pharma Companies 

Other Tools available for Webicina Resources:

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