Sunday, October 07, 2012

Promotion of scientific output : made possible by your library (EMTAC12 Talk)

On Tuesday, October 2nd I talked at the 2012 version (the 2nd) Conference "Emerging Technologies in Academic Libraries, EMTACL12 in short.
Before I say something about it, I must add that this time -being involved as member of the International Programm Committee ├índ as speaker , was an even more thrilling than the previous version EMTACL10.

In my opinion we succeeeded in putting in an impressive line-up of keynotes, a range of other presentations of which the overall level felt even higher than in 2010, and all this planned in perfect grouping with sufficient breaks long enough to really discuss with presenters and participants.

You can read my abstract of the talk. All presentations will become available on the EMTACL.COM site, including the video recordings.

I am still writing on a summary of EMTACL12 .... to be continued..
Be sure to check out the EMTACL Facebook Page, and please Like it. Nice posts up there already, and more to come ... what to think of this Doodle by Patrick Hochstenbach!! (available also in EMTACL12 Flickr Group with more Doodles!)


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