Friday, June 28, 2013

Google Scholar Library Links

Libraries can register for a Google Scholar Account to connect holdings via their OpenURL-compatible link resolver, like SFX for the University of Groningen Library.

Within University of Groningen or University Medical Center Groningen IP-RANGE
  • you will automatically see the link to Link Resolver Menu for this item to get to the full text fast when we have it!
    (Unfortunately  it does NOT show the ICON

Google needs IP address ranges so that your library links will automatically appear for people accessing Google Scholar from these networks. 
Other patrons - for instance, off campus students and staff from home - will need to configure their affiliation in their own Scholar settings manually.
Today I discovered that certain IP-addresses from the University Medical Center are not included in the registered IP-range. The UMCG recently started using various extra IP-ranges. 

Thanks to Peter van Rees of the University of Groningen Library for the speedy adjustment of the IP-ranges!

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