Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What tools do Dutch researchers in the discipline Medicine use? Question 1 SEARCH

I recently got a question about the results of the UMCG in the survey 101 Innovations in scholarly communications. Truth is, I have not looked into it yet. It only involved 273 participants.
In my opinions too little to draw general conclusions, but if we could zoom out to a Dutch level .....

There are 645 responses who stated they are currently in the Netherlands (or their last affiliation was) Here is a drill-down:
645 is is not an impressive amount. If we add discipline Life Sciences, we get to 765.
On the European level we reach the total amount of 2200 responses.
Two questions arise:

  • Can we draw any conclusions on the Dutch result based on just 765 responses? And
  • Do the Dutch results differ from the overall European outcome?
The survey has 17 questions. Let's look at them one by one with the above questions in mind.
  1. What tools/sites do you use to search literature / data / etc.?
Search literature / data / etc  (PRESET ANSWERS): DUTCH
Search literature / data / etc  (PRESET ANSWERS): EUROPE

Search literature / data / etc (OTHERS) DUTCH

Search literature / data / etc (OTHERS) EUROPE
A 3rd question could be: Do the Dutch results differ substantially from the WORLDWIDE results in the discipline MEDICINE?
Unfortunately the SILK for the original is having performance issues currently. Let's hope Jeroen or Bianca or Silk can solve that soon.

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