Thursday, October 14, 2010

WebMynd : more powerful than "ordinary" toolbars?

Google Search is the most used search engine in the world. Why not "enhance" these results with WebMynd
  •  with hits from other relevant hits from YOUR PREFERRED resources and databases?
  • and offer this in a browser sidebar seems logical too. (for IE, Firefox AND Chrome)
  • to be abled to add your own search engines via copy and paste, is great and simple (it needs to be opensearch enabled I guess)
    • This way I added MedlinePlus and Pubmed to my Personal Sites
webmynd for MedlinePlus & Pubmed
Some remarks / Questions:
  • Where can I look for custom created Search Sidebars from others?
    Only if you know the right url, you are abled to install/use others. Here is the example of The NUS Library search sidebar. It will add results from their Library Catalogue next to the Google hits. Cool!
  • When will you offer an edit function for new custom Search Sidebars. Please make it web-based and live. Just making something and having to wait for your company to check and authorize my creation is só outdated ....
  • Meanwhile, while we are wiating for this to happen ...please tell me what is the best way to update or change one of mine Search Sidebars!?
  • When will I be abled to really save my preferences, so that i do not need to set and reset my sites anymore.
  • Please take a look at the workflow of the creation  of the Search Sidebars, as I got thrown out from it while watching some helpfile. I now have 3 half-ready search sidebars, with NO WAY TO EDIT OR DELETE! 
  • Is there ANY logic in the order in which the sites appear, and how can I control that? It now seems completely chaotic and is changing everytime.
  • Are you thinking of offering this for other major Search engines too? Bing , Yahoo ...
  • WebMynd is certainly very promising as a new option for users to personalize their browser search results
  • Thanks to @aarontay we get to enjoy the coolest tools for the browsers. 
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