Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Power To The User (and The Librarians) : TICER08 workshop

Maybe it was the psychological threshold of writing the 451-st post on this blog, maybe it was just the fantastic week with a great programm, and even nicer people.
Fact is I got some questions why I stopped blogging after the starting Conference Dinner of TICER last week ;-)(See the post below)

I did try to Twitter some lines, but mainly I felt alone in the room. The Ticer audience of this year was not into (micro)blogging heavily, apart from some Dutch die-hards.
Being drowned and consumed in real life work in the Medical Library (where the new academic year just started), it might take some time to highlight all strongpoints of this years TICER.

Here is our Slideshare about the Workshop we did in the Module 3a: Hands-on: Library 2.0
Main assignment was to create the TICER08 Public Page (aka Universe): - Building the TICER08 Public page with:
ALL possible information available on the web about TICER08, created by the
organisation, by the participants of the conference or
by anybody else (before, during and after the conference!)
So, check it out, and if you DO want to keep up, become "friends" with TICER08 in Netvibes, to see and share what is going on there.

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WoW!ter said...

You Forgot to link your Netvibes universe for the course in this post!