Sunday, February 15, 2009

PubMed Toolbar Screencast Part 1

This first part of the PubMed Toolbar Screencast explains the many options users have to adjust the Toolbar Settings to their own liking. Some options are:
  • shrink/unshrink toolbar. This leaves only the icons with mouse-over text and saves space
  • add gadgets (widgets): for business or pleasure
  • clear your search history
  • The Toolbar Options has 4 tabs with loads of settings:
  • Personal Components: email notifyer, privacy, weather, radio(podcasts)
  • Predefined Components: here you can choose which items of the toolbar you want to toggle on/off. If you do not like the News Ticker, just de-select it here.
  • Useful Components: Add your own apps buttons on the Toolbar for fast access: All Microsoft Office apps, Paint, MSN, Registry editor etc
  • Additional Settings: Very useful to set the functionality of the search box for search history, text selection, serch database preference etc.

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