Friday, December 11, 2009

Scopus as Theme for Library Outreach Meeting

The library organised a open meeting for staff of the UMCG on December 7th, focussed around the scientific database SCOPUS.
The audience (53) -mainly researchers and a few clinicians, but also a couple of librarians of the Library of the University of Groningen. (we simply couldn't keep them out of the room :-)- were gathered in the so-called "Rode Zaal".
Presenter was Chris James, Account Development Manager at Elsevier.
In his first session he covered the basics of Scopus and tried to get some response from the audience. Some remarkable responses:
  • "who is using Scopus?" : no hands. (Scopus became available at the University in the second part of 2008)
  • "Web of Science" : no hands
Comment: Clinical and medical research staff is using Pubmed heavily. Database choices and search habits are hard to influence and change takes time. We probably also got a relative "new" group of researchers. And still a lot of work to do as library in reaching out.
The Scopus presentation is available below.

Before the break I then did a 30 minute demo of library services, resources and new tools.

My talk: library services and resources, workshops, support for research, toolbar, off-campus access, library toolbox: Netvibes public page, RSS, PurpleSearch
Remarkable: no hands on using Facebook or Hyves, 100% using Pubmed, 50% Google Scholar,

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